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A unique offer:

Toilet cabine (biotoilet): 500.00 EUR+PVN

Hurry to order (quantity limited).

Order a new toilet!

Аренда 2-ого туалетного прицепа.

Women / Men

Provide adequate sanitation in its action at minimal cost.

Mobile toilet trailers (2 x bio)

More info: ofice@modul.lv

There were new portable handwash station "DUO"

We rent and sell various types of portable sinks


Provides a wide range of cost-effective plastic toilet manufacturers, implementing complex engineering solutions for maximum comfort, ease of use, hygiene and minimum environmental impact.
Independent toilet cabins designed with commensuration production costs and price preferences of potential customers, maintaining the balance of price and quality. \
These toilets do not require summing up the additional utilities, free to carry, which is an additional argument for the acquisition of the cab with integrated service, for example, for corporate purposes

www.tualete.lv offers rental and sale of the following units:

Different types and sizes.
Production of wooden mobile units to order (choice of items: Number of windows, doors, appliances and plumbing fixtures, office furniture, etc.).
Excellent rental costs!

Delivery, service, repair.